Types of Labradoodles

F1 (Labrador Retriever X Standard Poodle): These puppies usually shed, some more than others, and experience the most "hybrid vigor" as their parents are completely unrelated! They can be unpredictable in coat and size, but when the parents are carefully matched by a responsible breeder, this generation is a wonderful choice for people who don't want all the coat maintenance of the higher generations. Some people with mild dog allergies can tolerate the F1 Labradoodle.
Please Note: We no longer breed the F1 generation here at Orchard View. Our foundation Lab, Rosie, has numerous grandkids and great grandkids and we're very proud of our heritage as being a reputable breeder of early gen Labradoodles when we started in 2008.

F1b (F1 Labradoodle X Standard Poodle): These puppies usually shed very little, although some may have a slightly shedding coat. The ones that don't shed have a tendency to matt if they are not groomed regularly. Some pups can be quite curly and resemble their Poodle side, while others will have wavy coats. The puppies in this category require regular coat maintenance, such as brushing/trimming and grooming. The Poodle traits can be dominant in the F1b generation so these puppies are perfect for people who love the Standard Poodle but also want a little Lab thrown in for fun. Most people with dog allergies can tolerate the F1b Labradoodle. 
Please Note: Although we no longer breed the F1b generation, we're support the breed diversity that the F1b brings to the Labradoodle breed.

F2  (F1 Labradoodle X Labradoodle): These puppies are likely to have a fleece, low to non shedding coat. The coat type in this category is usually more consistent than an F1 or F1b, with most of the pups in the litter having generally the same coat qualities with some being wavy and some being curly. These pups require regular coat maintenance from their owners. Some puppies in an F2 litter will shed slightly and have a hair/fleece combination coat. With careful selection of parents, the Lab and Poodle traits will be in good balance in the temperament of these puppies, creating a wonderful Labradoodle. Most people with dog allergies can tolerate the F2. 
Please Note: All F2s have at least one F1 parent, so it's possible that some pups in the litter will resemble an F1 in appearance and may shed. F2 or Multigen puppies with this coat are a great option for families that love that "scruffy" look. :) 
Please Note: Although we no longer breed the F2 generation, we love this combination and have a special place in our hearts for them.

 Multigen Labradoodle (Labradoodle X Labradoodle) and Australian Labradoodle (Labradoodle X Australian Labradoodle): The Multigen Labradoodle and Australian Labradoodle are very similar in that the coats are either curly or wavy fleece, low to non shedding, allergy friendly and generally consistent within each litter. Regular coat maintenance is required. Australian Labradoodles originated in Australia and incorporate the Labrador and the Poodle, with the addition of the Cockapoo and other breeds in the pedigree for the purpose of enhancing the soft, fleece coat without compromising the structure and conformation of the Labradoodle.  The Multigen Labradoodle is a combination of a Labrador and Poodle bred for several generations to achieve the Multigen status. The Australian Labradoodles can have softer, easier to manage fleece coats due to the presence of the Cocker Spaniel in their ancestry. Our focus is on breeding exceptional dogs with American and Australian lineage to create breed diversity and introduce new lines into the breed. 

We exclusively breed Multigen and Australian Labradoodles with exceptional temperaments as family and therapy companion dogs.

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